Monday, February 21, 2011

Origami cranes

A client of mine informed me that she wants to incorporate cranes into her wedding.  I thought it was an excellent idea, there are so many things you can do with paper cranes and it has a beautiful meaning.  

"Cranes which mate for life and symbolize peace and longevity in Asian cultures are becoming a fun trend couples are incorporating, according to Modern Bride. 'According to Japanese lore, a bride who folds 1,000 paper cranes before her wedding will have a prosperous marriage.'"

I came up with a lot of ideas, and thought that I would post the ideas here to share with everyone.  Cranes can be served as seating cards, cake toppers, or just as a decorative item hanging down from the ceiling (you can use tape to attach the cranes to the ceiling).  Here are some pictures I came across online that might be inspirational for brides.

Paper cranes act as place cards:

 picture on bottom right are place cards--just attach a little tag to paper cranes with guests names.
Cranes act as decorative item hanging down:

How to make cranes||cranes as cake topper:

Pictures taken from various sites:



  1. Stumbled across this post of yours, and wanted to say that I love the pictures you've collected! I'm 2nd generation Japanese, and was a 1000 origami crane bride (July, 2010), and I hung them from the gazebo at our ceremony. I also used them as part of the centerpieces (hanging from manzanita branches), which were also part of the favors that our guests took home with them. I love the symbolism of the cranes!

  2. Beautiful post, I am planning my wedding and found wonderful ideas here...
    I am starting a small blog on wedding planning, and made a link to your blog on my latest post... Thank you!

  3. Great website! Thanks for giving me some ideas for my own wedding in August 2012.